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A crush fetish is something a little stranger that lives on the fetish family tree and I’m not sure that I can completely understand where crushing drives sexual pleasure. This paraphilia primarily consists of the desire to see others crush inanimate objects or small creatures. Inanimate objects referring to soft toys, fruit or cigarettes and small creatures like insects and crustaceans. When closely analysed the crush fetish is a combination of macrophilia and podophilia – giant and foot fetishists. Crushing is very popular amongst foot fetishists, as the feet are the main focus and are idolised in crush erotica. Most prefer to see crush by feet in high heels and bigger than average female feet. Another related form of crush is technophilia, which ultimately means that a crusher prefers to the destruction of electronics like phones or laptops.

It is the anxiety created by such panorama which makes crush fetishists feel erotic, some experts believe. Depending on the particular person, the loudest and crunchiest or the messiest victim is their favourite sexual fantasy, different to most ideals of foreplay. A woman’s attractive foot – in powerful high-heels, holds a squirming snail, then squish, it’s shell crunches and it’s guts splatter across the floor. “Trampling “ another form of crush fetish, which is women walking on men. A woman describes the excitement coming from the realization that at any point of this foreplay, her heel of her high pumps could puncture his chest.

Ultimately, the crush fetishist fantasizes about either being the actual object of the crushing or the crusher.

Considering that most people are repulsed at the thought of having to stomp on that pest of a cockroach, the fact is that this unique fetish that some people find stimulating, involves something dying. Although most crush fetishists will limit their animal crushing to only insects and small crustaceans, it is known that small animals have been used, like mice, toads or kittens. It is rare though, especially since the United States made a law in 1999 making it illegal to own videos showings such acts. But the fan of the thrill of fetish, being able to watch their fantasy over and over has increased internet video business. Of course animal rights groups are still disgusted and find it merely unacceptable.

For arguments sake, I couldn’t really give an educated opinion on the crush fetish without at least taking a crack at squishing something under my feet. So for the mess factor I stomped on a kiwi fruit (one that was a bit old so it wasn’t a waste mind you, this shows where my faith lies for this fetish), and initially I had a anxious kind of tingle as I forced my foot down, but straight afterwards I though “eww”. Then for the crunch factor (my poor efforts) I stomped on some plastic wrapping (hehehe, not quite measurable to a snail) and I had the same initially effect but then just thought to pick it up and put it in the bin. The most thing I find hot about crush something is maybe a nearing finish cigarette extinguished under a pair of extravagant heels. So this being a more object fetish and the lack of human contact, passion, leaves me a little less desirable of crushing insects and soft toys.

I’d love to hear a description though of how a crush fetishist feels when foot meets crunch!

"The feeling is that of letting go, powerless, helpless, tiny, small, and buglike. Wanting to see a female crush something with her foot, longing to be a helpless insect as you squirm around under her foot sole as she squishes your body into grease."

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