Cum being that whitish, milky fluid, very viscous that exerts itself from the male's penis, usually at the time of sexual orgasm. I think it would be pretty obvious to explain the cum fetish as that of someone who focuses on the use of cum when being involved in sexual encounters. Whether it be the man who fantasizes about where he lands his load or the woman who fantasizes about cum being smeared on their body or face, or even drinking it. Although this fetish revolves around one particular thing cum, there are many different ways or specific requirements to meet this sexual fantasy.

First off, there are those that specify a particular fetish like pantyhose or panty fetish. This is where the male enjoys seeing a lady in pantyhose and aims his ejaculation at that target. Fully clothed ladies are also an appealing subject, where the pleasure is to see cum stains on the arse of jeans or a tight skirt. Going into detail, differentiating between a breast fetish and a cum fetish. A man who simply enjoys ejaculating over a woman's breasts after tit fucking is said to have a breast fetish. Where as if he was to smear his cum all over her chest and enjoy this sight, then that could be classified as cum fetish. Another one of these is foot fetish, the feet being the target of ejaculation.

Now to the nitty gritty stuff : some methods of cum enjoyment

Cream Pie : This term is used when describing an aftermath of a sexual encounter, the image and focus of semen running out of the vagina or anus. Not sure who thought of the term Cream Pie! This sight derives the peak of pleasure and sometimes even more so then the act that took place prior to ejaculating.

Cum Facials : Guess what? Got it! The term used to describe ejaculating all over someone's face. The focus obviously being the cum on the face finish and not so much the oral sex, in most cases. There is no exception when it comes to a cum facial fan. This also acquires the term “the money shot” in most pornographic films.

Cum drinking : Cup of tea anyone? Swallowing after a blowjob is not considered cum drinking, no this action takes place after the sexual act. It has been related to be part of the Bukkake ritual (explained in a moment), where the run-off from the girls face and body is caught in a cup and then she drinks it at a later stage. I read that this has been considered as an expression of love between couples, but I beg to differ, it sounds like pretty raunchy, lusty stuff than love!

Bukkake : comes from the Japanese verb to douse, to pour, oh my! This is a group sexual activity of more than several men (sometimes when organised in Japan up to 150 men), will ejaculate all over a single girl/woman : to douse! The idea is to completely cover the female in cum and not leaving any exposed skin. This would be considered as the most devoted and ultimate cum fetish. Bukkake is considered a ritual in Japan and being treated just as seriously as tea ceremony, which is very distinguished. The story behind the ritual is that a woman who committed adultery to her husband was tied to a pole in the kneeling position and then forced to endure being ejaculated on by every man in the community. Obviously by the background, Bukkake contains very strong implications of erotic humiliation. Becoming very popular even in the west, there are now other forms of Bukkake : Forced, Costume Play, Summit , Dream Shower, Snowball and Cum Play Bukkake.

A few little myths or facts about semen that could make your cum fetish more enjoyable

Semen is good for the skin : There is no scientific research to prove that this theory is correct, although people using semen on their skin have claimed to have a healthier, softer complexion. The actual ingredients of semen contain things like salt, acid, alcohol, zinc and chlorine, which don't particularly make me want to start saving semen in a jar and have a facial every night!

What a man eats is what we taste : That's right start getting your man onto pineapple. So I've heard that what a guy eats may have an effect on what his semen tastes like. Foods more naturally sweet are meant to produce a nicer flavour while the things he needs to keep healthy like diary and red meat are not so lovely down stairs.

Other nicknames for semen (some of my favourites)

•  Spunk

•  Love juice

•  Manjizz

•  Custard

•  Dingleberry juice

•  Hot boys

•  Pearl necklace (got to love pearls...)

•  Pecker golly

•  Cock snot

•  Protein frappe

And that's just a few!

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