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Aqua coming from latin – water and phili coming from greek – lover… “Water Lover”. Aquaphilia is a sexual fetish which involves interests of posing, images or sexual activity underwater. There is a lack of information on this wet fetish on the internet, unlike any other sort of erotic or sexual fetish. An aquaphile is described as favouring that of serenity and beauty. “What could be more serene and beautiful that the human form balanced gracefully within the gravity free environments below the sparkling surface of a swimming pool, a rainbow coloured coral reef, or crystal clear lagoon?”

It is said that most people might assume that underwater fetish covers a small field but it can be surprising how extensive this category actual is. Some aspects of the Aquaphilia fetish are underwater glamour, underwater fashion (posing underwater fully clothed), scuba diving, rubber (skin tight wetsuits), underwater sexual encounters, mermaids (hot) and fantasy drowning (form of asphyxiation). Highly erotic is that of a nude or topless women immersed underwater. Scuba fetishism finds sexual arousal firstly by being in a liquid environment and then to move weightlessly allowing a considerable variety of sexual positions. For some the arousal arrives just from wearing the face mask. Japanese prostitutes offer what would be seen as the ultimate pleasure for their clients, fantasy drowning. Taking the man out on a boat, she would hold her head underwater as he entered her from behind. Due to the near drowning that she is experiencing, the vagina has unique spasms around the man’s penis. He experiences an intense orgasm as she pulls her head out of the water just before losing consciousness (this sexual activity mind you is considered to be one of the most dangerous, please do not try this at home!)

I think everyone has a natural affiliation for water, we all love 2 hour showers don’t we?! The sensation of water between two people has unique sensations, sometimes that similar of silk and it is that weightlessness, balancing in gravity that has a beauty to it. Mermaids are an underwater image I find to be pleasing but not necessarily arousing. What a beautiful creature gliding through a vast deep blue valley, if there ever was one.

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